Am I terrified of Kenya’s and world’s rising number of premature deaths from NCDs? Definitely!

I share a fear amongst many that I’m a sickness away from chronic poverty due to the immense financial costs and social burden necessitating medication and appropriate healthcare.

Two things- Injuries and childhood cancers:
I’m a first responder with Kenya Red Cross Society providing immediate medical assistance in emergencies and disasters while supporting local healthcare projects in prevention, management and treatment; and delivering relief support in humanitarian crises. I’m keen on minimizing mortalities and disabilities resulting from injuries. Fire outbreaks, floods and droughts, land-mud slides, terrorism, transport/ industrial accidents, violence, collapsed buildings, disease epidemics! It’s one thing to intervene during humanitarian emergencies to among the affected populations, then what next?

As a biomedical student, I engage with children with cancers at pediatric oncology centers in hospitals during their painful recovery processes. Research, grassroots advocacy, management and control measures, are they worth it? What if they are in intense pain? Extreme weight loss, skin coloring, their unbeknownst fate!

Have you ever thought of the psychological and emotional well-being of individuals in the humanitarian or medical community? Those of us who know what’s going in the dark hospital corridors! Those of us who hear the screams of children and women; and the soft cries of those needing help! Those of us who understand the adversities faced in vulnerability! The fear, anxiety, sadness and disorientation, disturbances in sleep patterns are the norm as some delve into alcohol and substance abuse to try cope up with post-traumatic stress disorders, depression and secondary traumatic stress.

Pardon me if I am of the idea that we repair the leaking tap. I will stick to incorporating solutions and advocacy based on local insights and global perspectives in the prevention and control of NCDs.

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