1st Winner, Videos, 17-21 Age Group

Name: Gabriela D

Age: 20

Country: Romania

Personal Statement:

Reducing the major risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) should be the everyday person’s focus. Even though there’s plenty of information regarding this issue, few people are truly conscious about these diseases’ impact on our lives as individuals and as a society.

Although NCDs (e.g. heart and lung diseases, cancers and diabetes) are the world’s largest killers, we tend to believe that only the elderly are primarily affected, but the raw truth is that sooner or later anybody can be actually a victim of an unhealthy lifestyle. There are millions of deaths annually, of which 16 million are premature, meaning humans under 70 years old lose their lives because of NCDs.

The only solution is to incentivize people to take action and not only focus on being informed but also focus on using the information they have for their own benefit.

Life is about risks, making mistakes or making good choices, and mostly it’s up to every individual which way the balance tilts. The best choice is to invest in yourself (e.g. education, health) so that you can further invest in others.

We must realize that even small choices we make will somehow influence the lives of our society. For instance, if you are not healthy, friends and family will suffer along with you, also you might not be able to work and the economy’s country will be affected too.

Tackling the risk factors of NCDs will therefore not only save lives but also a society’s evolution.