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1st Place Winner, Drawings/Art, 12-16 Age Group

Name: Ifrah K

Age: 13

Country: India

Personal Statement:

Disease, the term itself brings a feeling of “dis-ease” to anyone and everyone.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like heart diseases, chronic kidney or lung diseases, diabetes or Alzheimer’s increase both physical and mental trauma of the victim.

NCDs among youth nest a lot of worry, increase their anxiety and are very painful for the parents and the family. Nor can a country afford to let their youth suffer from NCDs.

I believe that the modern-day lifestyle is wholly and solely responsible for the growing number of NCD patients. Anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. There is a dire need to spread awareness through campaigns and street shows. Healthy lifestyle as a topic should be discussed among children in schools and at homes so that a clear message goes into the soft minds at an early age.

The outcome will be that they will stay away from alcohol, substance abuse and similar fatal habits. Including yoga and meditation as a part of daily regime can develop self control and help in keeping the body strong physically and mentally.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off your souls.”

I can feel and live art, therefore I firmly believe that each stroke holds emotions and can touch the core of every human heart. Art can sensitize people and can make them more sympathetic towards life and humanity. This is one medium which journeys through the eyes to the soul of every individual who has a bent towards art and aesthetics. It also is a medium to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and to relax the mind and soul.

I want to conclude with the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Let the brushes do their work of spreading the hues of health, happiness, peace and love across countries and borders and let the art and artists connect globally and wage a campaign of harmony and wellbeing.