NCD Alliance Forum 2017 Call to Action

NCD Alliance Forum 2017 Call to Action screen-shot

The youth delegates of the Global NCD Alliance Forum 2017 are leaving Sharjah with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, empowerment, and urgency in the fight to reduce the global impact of NCDs, through prevention and control. Over the course of five days, twenty-two youth champions deliberated, negotiated, and finalized three key priorities to help guide their advocacy in the coming year. The presented Call to Action: Youth, NCDs, & 2018 was endorsed during the Forum as a time-bound and measurable agenda in the lead up to the 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs. The priorities and activities reflect key areas for action by and for young people, with the support of civil society and government*.

*Organizational endorsements will be sought in the coming weeks.

View the Call to Action: Youth, NCDs, & 2018 via NCD Child Resources.

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