Youth in action: Addressing mental health together

On May 11, NCD Child in partnership with UNICEF, OxFord University and ‘My Mind our Humanity’ hosted a fireside chat entitled ‘Youth in action: Addressing mental health together’. A group of young people shared what it was like to live with one or more non-communicable diseases (NCDs) during the pandemic and highlighted steps to protect mental health and well-being for all young people.

The group also discussed innovative ways of peer support and how to meaningfully engage young people in promoting mental health.

Speakers: Joab Wako, NCD Child Young Leaders Program, Kenya, Bruno Helman, NCD Child Young Leaders Program,Brazil, Gabriela Pavarini, University of Oxford, UK, Chantelle Booysen, Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health, South Africa, Rafael Ribeiro Alves de Souza, University of Brasilia, Brazil, Christina Arena, University of Southampton, UK, Joanna Lai, UNICEF, USA

Session moderated by Deena Al-Zou’bi, NCD Child Young Leaders Program, Jordan.

Watch the fireside chat, and find resources below.

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