Stand Up Speak Out: A Podcast Series Tackling Stigma & Discrimination among People Living with NCDs

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Coming live: Join the final watch party featuring Episodes 5, 6 & 7 of the Stand Up Speak Out series!

Episode 5: “Childhood and Workplace Experiences of Stigma”, featuring Oliwcia Kaczmarek and Satyam Divivedi

Episode 6: “Living with Type 1 Diabetes”, featuring Jean Langford

Epidsode 7: “Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) Relentlessly Fight Against Stigma”, featuring Majed Mohammed 

When: Thursday, August 31th at 12pm Eastern (UTC -04:00)


About Stand Up Speak Out

A dynamic team of NCD Child Young Leaders, Alex Kwok, Apoorva Gomber, Shakira Choonara, Joab Wako and Anita Bulindi formed the People Living with NCDs working group. In 2021, they launched an online survey to better understand stigma and discrimination faced by youth with NCDs, and preferred platforms for sharing their stories and experiences. The survey revealed a podcast series as the preferred platform.

Drawing inspiration from this feedback, the Stand Up Speak Out podcast series was created. This innovative seven-episode series spotlights real-life experiences of people living with NCDS (PLWNCDs), highlighting experiences of stigma and/or discrimination, a neglected issue in NCD advocacy. This series is the first of its kind to explore gender discrimination, self-stigmatization, workplace challenges, coping methods and calls to action, all through the perspectives of PLWNCDs, health professionals and care-givers. Join us to hear voices from across the world aiming to raise awareness, inspire change and combat harmful stigma.

Project goals

      • Understand stigma and discrimination related to NCDs by engaging meaningfully with people living with NCDs

      • Provide a platform to PLWNCDs to share their powerful stories of diagnosis, management and advocacy through a podcast series

      • Promote the podcast series to increase awareness about, and to combat, stigma and discrimination

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