Toyyib Oladimeji Abdulkareem

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco Primary title/position: Consultant  Institution: NCD Alliance Country of origin: Nigeria   Country of residence: Nigeria Areas of expertise: Health promotion; NCD prevention, policy and campaigns Languages spoken: Yoruba, English, Arabic LinkedIn: Toyyib Oladimeji Abdulkareem Twitter:  @toyyibdimeji Toyyib is a Policy and Campaign Consultant with NCD Alliance supporting the organization’s work around NCD prevention and the 2021 Global Week […]

Huda Alabed

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco Primary title/position: Program Coordinator  Institution: Royal Health Awareness Society Country of origin: Jordan Country of residence: Jordan Areas of expertise: Non-Communicable Diseases and clinical nutrition Languages spoken: English, Arabic LinkedIn: Huda Alabed Huda Alabed is a clinical nutritionist by education and non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention advocate. Since a very young age, medical sciences were very […]

Dorra Al-Saadoon

Young Leaders Program working group: Cancer Primary title/position: General Practice Specialty Trainee Institution: NHS England Country of origin: New Zealand  Country of residence: United Kingdom Areas of expertise: Medicine Languages spoken: English, Arabic Twitter: @DrDorraA Dorra Al-Saadoon is a General Practice specialty trainee who has been working in the United Kingdom as part of the NHS for four years in various roles, including […]

Deena Al-Zou’bi

NCD Child Young Leader Deena Zoubi

Young Leaders Program working group: Mental Health Primary title/position: Advocacy and Program Development Manager  Institution: Royal Health Awareness Society  Country of origin: Jordan Country of residence: Jordan Areas of expertise: Tobacco, Breastfeeding, Healthy Schools  LinkedIn: Deena Al-Zoubi Languages spoken: Arabic, English  Deena Al-Zou’bi is currently the Advocacy and Programs Development Manager at the Royal Health Awareness Society in Jordan. She is a clinical pharmacist by […]

Ezra Anecho

Young Leaders Program working group: Cancer Primary title/position: Research Administrator Country of origin: Uganda Country of residence: Uganda Areas of expertise: Research, Statistics, Resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation, Economics and Advocacy Languages spoken: English  LinkedIn: Ezra Anecho Twitter: @royezrah Ezra Ancheo is a Ugandan by nationality working with the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) as a research administrator/Grants Manager. He has […]

Elin Bergstrøm

Young Leaders Program working group: Obesity Primary title/position: Consultant  Institution: Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response Country of origin: Norway  Country of residence: Sweden Areas of expertise: Systems thinking, food systems, food/health/sustainability nexus, co-creation processes Languages spoken: Norwegian, English LinkedIn: Elin Bergstrøm Publications: Elin Bergstrøm is an interdisciplinary systems thinker with a passion for sustainable systems change, and with […]

Anita Bulindi

Young Leaders Program working group: People Living With NCDs (PLWNCDs) Country of origin: Tanzania  Country of residence: Tanzania Areas of expertise: Communication / Health Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish Twitter: @nitas_jb Anita Bulindi is a 26-year-old Tanzanian Youth, living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 22 years, since she was diagnosed at the age of four years. She has […]

Shakira Choonara

Young Leaders Program working group: People Living With NCDs (PLWNCDs) Primary title/position: Independent Public Health Practitioner & AMREF AHAIC Commissioner for Universal Health Coverage in Africa  Country of origin: South Africa  Country of residence: South Africa  Areas of expertise: Public Health, Universal Health Coverage, Sexual &  Reproductive Health, Nonfommunocable Diseases Languages spoken: English, French (Basic) LinkedIn: Shakira Choonara Twitter: @ChoonaraShakira […]

Pierre Cooke

Young Leaders Program working group: Mental Health Primary title/position: Student/Technical Advisor Institution: Healthy Caribbean Coalition/University of the West Indies Country of origin: Guyana   Country of residence: Barbados Areas of expertise: Law, Youth Engagement, Youth Leadership Languages spoken:  English LinkedIn: Pierre Cooke Twitter: @pierrekcookejnr Facebook: Pierre Cooke Instagram: Pierre Cooke Pierre is a second-year law student at the University of the West […]

Apoorva Gomber

NCD Child Young Leader Apoorva Gomber

Young Leaders Program working group: People Living With NCDs (PLWNCDs) Primary title/position: MBBS, MD, MPH Candidate  Institution: Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health  Country origin: India  Country residence: India  Areas of expertise: Type 1 Diabetes  Languages spoken: English, Hindi  LinkedIn: Apoorva Gomber Twitter: @ApoorvaGomber Dr. Apoorva Gomber, MBBS, MD is currently pursuing her MPH in the Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard T.H Chan School […]