Haneen Hajeer

Young Leaders Program working group: Cancer Primary title/position: Final year student, Nursing Institution: Royal Health Awareness Society Country of origin: Jordan Country of residence: Jordan/UAE Areas of expertise: Mental health, sexual and reproductive health, COVID-19 Languages spoken: English, Arabic Haneen Hajeer is a 27-year old passionate nurse that is mostly concerned with the mental health of youth and children. Volunteer work has […]

Bruno Helman

Young Leaders Program working group: Mental Health Primary title/position: Founder and President / OVOV Global Advisory Committee/YLD Institution: Running for Diabetes (Correndo pelo Diabetes) / NCD Alliance / IDF Country of origin: Brazil Country of residence: Brazil Areas of expertise: NCDs, Diabetes, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Youth Advocacy, Meaningful Engagement of People Living with NCDs Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish LinkedIn: Bruno […]

Louise Johansson

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco Primary title/position: Program Manager & Education Specialist  Institution: My Period Is Awesome & A Non Smoking Generation Country of origin: Sweden   Country of residence: Sweden Areas of expertise: Tobacco Prevention and Control, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Digital Communication, Youth Engagement. Academic background: Global Development, International Relations and Global Health Languages spoken: Swedish, English LinkedIn: Louise […]

Yuvreet Kaur

Young Leaders Program working group: Cancer Primary title/position: Resident physician Institution: University of Toronto Country of origin: India  Country of residence: Canada Areas of expertise: Non-communicable diseases, obesity, adolescent health Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi LinkedIn: Yuvreet Kaur ResearchGate: Yuvreet Kaur Twitter: @yuvreetk Yuvreet Kaur was born and raised in India. After moving to Canada, she pursued her undergraduate studies in […]

Alex Kwok

NCD Child Young Leader Alex Kwok

Young Leaders Program working group: People Living With NCDs (PLWNCDs) Primary title/position: Research Assistant  Institution: Arthritis Research Canada  Country: Canada  Areas of expertise: Clinical research, health services evaluation, arthritis Languages spoken: English, Cantonese  LinkedIn: Alex Kwok Twitter: @kalextc Alex Kwok is a global health advocate and a researcher at Arthritis Research Canada in Vancouver, Canada. He currently coordinates the Making it Work […]

Ana Larrañaga

NCD Child Young Leader Ana Larranaga

Young Leaders Program working group: Obesity Primary title/position: Advocacy Coordinator  Institution: ContraPeso Coalition  Country of origin: Mexico  Country of residence: Mexico Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Food Policy, NCD prevention, obesity prevention.  Languages spoken: English, Spanish LinkedIn: Ana Larrañaga Flota Twitter: @anna_larr  Publications:  Animal Político: www.animalpolitico.com/blog-invitado/el-legado-de-las-bebidas-azucaradas/  ContraPeso: https://blog.coalicioncontrapeso.org/estado-de-nutricion-poblacional-clave- ante-enfermedades-emergentes/   Shadow Report: México’s advance towards childhood obesity prevention: https://coalicioncontrapeso.org/pdf/VF_ReporteSombraOSC-MX-2018.pdf  Ana Larrañaga is a Mexican nutritionist and activist for the right to nutritious foods. She […]

Gabriel Makiriro

Young Leaders Program working group: Obesity Primary title/position: Junior Medical Officer Institution: Kibilizi District Hospital Country of origin: Rwanda Country of residence: Rwanda Areas of expertise: Medicine and Surgery (General Practitioner) Languages spoken: English LinkedIn: Gabriel Makiriro Twitter: @MakiriroGabriel Gabriel Makiriro is a Medical Doctor (General Practitioner) with more than two years experience in public health institution in Rwanda, and is […]

Sophie Manoy

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco Primary title/position: Medical Doctor   Institution: Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane Country of origin: Australia  Country of residence: Australia  Areas of expertise: Paediatric medicine, child and youth preventative health, non-communicable diseases, patient advocacy, youth engagement Languages spoken: English LinkedIn: Sophie Manoy Twitter: @sophiemanoy Publications:  Doctor as patient: finding all-important empathy – https://insightplus.mja.com.au/2019/42/doctor-as- patient-finding-all-important-empathy/  Dr. Sophie Manoy is a medical doctor in Brisbane, Australia working in paediatrics and public health. In addition to  her primary medical qualifications from James Cook University, she has a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Sophie is training […]

Majed Mohammed

Young Leaders Program working group: Cancer Primary title/position: Executive Beneficiary Support Services Institution: Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) Country of origin: Egypt Country of residence: United Arab Emirates Areas of expertise: Medical Sciences / Public Health Languages spoken: English, Arabic Majed Mohammed Ibrahim is part of the Executive Beneficiary Support Services at Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) charitable organization. Majed holds […]

Mohamed Nimal

Young Leaders Program working group: Obesity Institution:Tiny Hearts of Maldives, Maldives NCD Alliance, The Maldives National University (current workplace as an academic) Country of origin: Republic of Maldives   Country of residence: Republic of Maldives  Areas of expertise: Public Health, Health Promotion, Rehabilitation & Education  Languages spoken: English, Dhivehi Twitter: @nimo_25 @MaldivesNCDA Website: www.tinyheartsofmaldives.org/  Mohamed Nimal is a public health and health promotion professional with a […]