Mental Health Advocacy and Action in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis have aggravated pre-existing drivers of poor mental health across the globe. In addition to severe disruptions to psychosocial support for individuals with pre-existing conditions, increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression due to lockdowns, job insecurity and conflict are among a myriad of factors that have disrupted […]

Youth in action: Addressing mental health together

On May 11, NCD Child in partnership with UNICEF, OxFord University and ‘My Mind our Humanity’ hosted a fireside chat entitled ‘Youth in action: Addressing mental health together’. A group of young people shared what it was like to live with one or more non-communicable diseases (NCDs) during the pandemic and highlighted steps to protect […]

Mental Health Parity: A Way Forward for Canada

Green Logo for Global Week for ACtion on NCDs

NCD Child takes action during the Global Week for Action on NCDs. Read the blog on mental health by NCD Young Leader Alex Kwok, in collaboration with NCD Child Governing Member Victoria Watson.