Mental Health Parity: A Way Forward for Canada

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NCD Child takes action during the Global Week for Action on NCDs. Read the blog on mental health by NCD Young Leader Alex Kwok, in collaboration with NCD Child Governing Member Victoria Watson.

Youth Participation at 3rd Global NCD Alliance Forum

Over 400 delegates from 85 countries convened at the third Global NCD Alliance Forum 2020 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Among those were many young leaders of NCD Child as well as youth advocates from around the world.

Magnitude of Overweight, Obesity and Insufficient Physical Sports Activities Among Secondary School Students in Kinondoni Municipal, Dar es Salaam

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There is an overwhelming increase of Non-Communicable Disease worldwide such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Overweight and obesity are highly associated with development of these diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive sugar, alcohol intake and lack of adequate physical activities has been associated with development of obesity. However, these risk factors are not well elucidated among adolescents in Tanzania. We conducted this survey to determine obesity, overweight, self-reported physical activities, and preferred foods among secondary school students in Kinondoni Municipal in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Delivering healthy lives and well-being for women and girls

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With Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) causing two of every three deaths of women each year, action to implement Universal Health Coverage (UHC) must recognize and address sex and gender differences in NCD risk factors, care pathways and outcomes if services are to be targeted effectively and deliver healthy lives and well-being for women and girls around the world.NCD Alliance released a new policy brief on women & girls’ health in partnership with @georgeinstitute.

Children & Non-Communicable Disease: Global Burden Report 2019

Children & Non-Communicable Disease: Global Burden Report 2019

The Children & Non-Communicable Disease: Global Burden Report 2019 from NCD Child is the first publication summarizing the current prevalence, disability, and mortality of NCDs in children, adolescents, and young people using data from the World Health Organization, Global Burden of Disease (Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation), and other sources.

NCDs & Social Media: A Primer Joining the Online Discussion

Twitter is an excellent way to get your voice heard. The NCD online conversation has grown tremendously in the last several years with engagement from the Director General of WHO to nurses in rural settings in Africa. To encourage young people to participate in the online dialogue, this basic primer on key accounts, hashtags, and general tips was created.