NCD Child Co-Chairs NCD Lab on Next Generation and NCDs

NCD Lab Next generation and NCDs infographic postera

The WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCD) is launching the first cycle of the Noncommunicable Disease Lab (NCD Lab), a new virtual platform that supports submissions that harness innovative solutions to accelerate progress towards achieving the NCD and NCD-related SDGs. NCD Child is proud to be co-chairing the lab on Next Generation and NCDs. 

The vision for the NCD Lab on the Next Generation and NCD stream is to promote and advance participation of young people in the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases locally, nationally, regionally and globally. It also aims to engage the next generation in discussions and actions that promote innovative solutions to the challenge of NCDs. The NCD Lab offers an opportunity for innovative approaches and initiatives at community, national, regional and global levels that can be implemented toward the attainment of the global NCD targets and prioritizes tangible investments by young people in strengthening health systems for the prevention and control of NCDs.

The WHO NCD Lab platform will receive submissions of innovative projects and bring stakeholders together to address a range of NCD challenges that can leverage the opportunities and maximize the benefits associated with addressing NCDs. This includes their risk factors and determinants, to facilitate a strong, proactive, and integrated multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder response. This tool will raise awareness of NCDs and can help identify innovative and cross-cutting initiatives working towards reducing the global burden of NCDs and mental health conditions.

The NCD Lab contributes towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target 3.4, to reduce premature mortality between 30-70 years of age from NCDs by 2030. Further, the NCD Lab provides a platform to mobilize stakeholders, as appropriate, to align and scale action, for the implementation of national NCD and mental health responses. Its vision is to establish a platform that:

  1. Harnesses the power of multisectoral and multistakeholder collaboration
  2. Maintain an “ethos” of innovation both in principle and practice
  3. Propels global development by supporting dynamic initiatives that reduce the burden of NCDs and mental health conditions

The first cycle of the NCD Lab also includes streams focused on Women and Girls, and Meaningful involvement of People Living with NCDs.


Congratulations to the winners of the first cycle of NCD Lab! Learn more about the winners and their projects.

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