Dina Tadros

Young Leaders Program working group: Mental Health

Primary title/position: MD, Resident Cardiovascular Surgery  

Country of origin: Germany

Country of residence: Germany

Areas of expertise: Medicine, Surgery, Global Surgery, NCDs prevention, management, SDoH, Research 

Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish, French, Arabic

Twitter: @ DinaMDTadro

Dina is a cardiovascular surgeon and researcher working in Germany. She is also a Global health advocate and worked in several health institutions around the world including Germany, Switzerland, France, the US, Bolivia and Egypt. Dina previously worked at the World Health Organization where she focused her work on diplomatic aspects including multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral engagement on noncommunicable diseases prevention and control. Apart from this she successfully advocated for reforms of the internship program including health insurance coverage and stipends for interns as President of the WHO Intern Board.