Sophie Manoy

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco

Primary title/position: Medical Doctor  

Institution: Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane

Country of origin: Australia 

Country of residence: Australia 

Areas of expertise: Paediatric medicine, child and youth preventative health, non-communicable diseases, patient advocacy, youth engagement

Languages spoken: English

LinkedIn: Sophie Manoy

Twitter: @sophiemanoy


Doctor as patient: finding all-important empathy – patient-finding-all-important-empathy/ 

Dr. Sophie Manoy is a medical doctor in Brisbane, Australia working in paediatrics and public health. In addition to  her primary medical qualifications from James Cook University, she has a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Sophie is training in paediatric medicine and is passionate about the prevention of non-communicable diseases in childhood, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and in the control of tropical diseases in the paediatric population. She is the Doctor in Training representative to the Australian Medical Association Public Health Committee and has been a previous Board Director for the Australian Women’s Health Network. She is a committee member of the Public Health Association. of Australia Child and Youth Health Special Interest Group and the Secretary of the charity initiative Bush Doka (Project Yumi). 

Sophie has a lived patient experience with a previous diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma at the commencement of her medical career as a young adult. This has made her a strong patient advocate with a commitment to improving the patient experience for young people and in connecting those with similar lived experiences.