Huda Alabed

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco

Primary title/position: Program Coordinator 

Institution: Royal Health Awareness Society

Country of origin: Jordan

Country of residence: Jordan

Areas of expertise: Non-Communicable Diseases and clinical nutrition

Languages spoken: English, Arabic

LinkedIn: Huda Alabed

Huda Alabed is a clinical nutritionist by education and non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention advocate. Since a very young age, medical sciences were very appealing to her, mostly because they involve the idea of saving and improving the quality of people’s lives. As a result of having such passion, she majored in the field of clinical nutrition and always believed that she is capable of creating a favourable change in relation to NCDs. Huda has always thought that NCDs can be beaten and their hefty burden can be dramatically minimized.

After graduation, she found a volunteering opportunity through which she channeled her newfound passion and later made a career out of it. Currently, she is working as a program officer at Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), which does extensive work around NCDs, and gives her the chance to learn and explore the health system in Jordan from various perspectives

Every year, more than 80 per cent of Jordanians lose their lives as a result of NCDs, and this number is higher than the global average. Therefore, she believes this shocking figure will not be brought down without the concerted efforts of the local, national, and even regional efforts.