Stephanie Whiteman

African American girl wearing blue jacket smiling

Young Leaders Program working group: Obesity

Primary title/position: PhD Student

Institution: University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus / George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre 

Country of origin: Trinidad and Tobago 

Country of residence: Barbados

Areas of expertise: Public Health and Nutritional Epidemiology  

Languages spoken: English

LinkedIn: Stephanie Whiteman

Twitter: @steph_whiteman

Stephanie Whiteman, native of Trinidad and Tobago, is a 24-year old upcoming public health researcher. In 2016 she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, then in 2018 she obtained a Master of Public Health from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados. Currently she is pursuing a PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology at the University of the West Indies. Her main research interest surrounds the topic that explores the relationship between the food environment and health. As a research associate at the George Alleyne Chronic Disease Research Centre, Stephanie has been engaged in a number of research projects that embody aspects of this. In addition to her work at the research Centre, she also plays a prominent role in the Tale-TTC as a fellow for the Data Sharing Work Group.

Apart from her researcher roles, Stephanie is also a public health advocate. She takes pride in being a Youth Advocate for the Healthy Caribbean Coalition as well as being a NCD Child Young Leader. In addition, she is a Health Technical Advisor for the Reconciliation and Development Association that is based in Cameroon.

In addition to her work within the health field, Stephanie is a FIH Level 1 Field Hockey Coach. She played NCAA Division 1 field hockey in the United States while she was pursuing her first degree and she has been part of her home country’s senior women’s national team since 2011. 

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