Toyyib Oladimeji Abdulkareem

Young Leaders Program working group: Tobacco

Primary title/position: Consultant 

Institution: NCD Alliance

Country of origin: Nigeria  

Country of residence: Nigeria

Areas of expertise: Health promotion; NCD prevention, policy and campaigns

Languages spoken: Yoruba, English, Arabic

LinkedIn: Toyyib Oladimeji Abdulkareem

Twitter:  @toyyibdimeji

Toyyib is a Policy and Campaign Consultant with NCD Alliance supporting the organization’s work around NCD prevention and the 2021 Global Week for Action on NCDs. He has previous experience as an intern at the WHO, Geneva, where he contributed to the policy research and qualitative analysis towards the next Global Status Report on Physical Activity, leveraging on his background in public health and medical science. He has also contributed to developing and implementing a health finance project at the subnational level in Nigeria where his team piloted a universal health coverage scheme.

He is a member of the Royal Society of Public Health with over 3 years of experience contributing to population health at different levels while developing important health and research skills towards a career in global health. Through his work in global health, he longs for a fairer and healthier world with reduced inequalities and preventable deaths.