Mohamed Nimal

Young Leaders Program working group: Obesity

Institution:Tiny Hearts of Maldives, Maldives NCD Alliance, The Maldives National University (current workplace as an academic)

Country of origin: Republic of Maldives  

Country of residence: Republic of Maldives 

Areas of expertise: Public Health, Health Promotion, Rehabilitation & Education 

Languages spoken: English, Dhivehi

Twitter: @nimo_25 @MaldivesNCDA


Mohamed Nimal is a public health and health promotion professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Rehabilitations Science (BHRSc) from the School of Community Health, Charles Sturt University, Australia.

He is a heart health advocate and a passionate humanitarian with over nine years of professional experience in sectors such as health, education, civil society and the Red Cross Red Crescent movement. Nimal is a volunteer with First Aider and an Emergency Responder of Maldivian Red Crescent working in crisis situations to help the most vulnerable. He is currently working as an Associate Lecturer at the Maldives National University.

Since 2016, Nimal has been working with Tiny Hearts of Maldives(THM), an organization leading the fight against Cardiovascular & Congenital Heart Diseases in Maldives. He is also a member of World Heart Federation since 2017, and the co-founder of Maldives NCD Alliance. Nimal started off as a Project Officer and worked as the Executive Manager of the organization. Scope of his work includes providing support to patients and families of CHD as well as liaising with government agencies, international partners and other civil society organizations to advocate for heart healthy behaviours.

He is passionate about strengthening advocacy efforts on behalf of the cardio vascular disease community with a key focus on early intervention and promoting prevention strategies that are in line with a life course approach. He a trained facilitator of the Healthy Heart programme of THM to introduce basic exercise skills to kids via educators and working towards achieving a heart healthy generation.