Pierre Cooke

Young Leaders Program working group: Mental Health

Primary title/position: Student/Technical Advisor

Institution: Healthy Caribbean Coalition/University of the West Indies

Country of origin: Guyana  

Country of residence: Barbados

Areas of expertise: Law, Youth Engagement, Youth Leadership

Languages spoken:  English

LinkedIn: Pierre Cooke

Twitter: @pierrekcookejnr

Facebook: Pierre Cooke

Instagram: Pierre Cooke

Pierre is a second-year law student at the University of the West Indies and Technical Advisor to the Healthy Caribbean Coalition. He has particular interests in international relations/affairs, human rights, health advocacy and youth leadership. Testament to his passions, Pierre is currently the Prime Minister of Barbados’ National Youth Parliament and President of the Law Society at his university’s Faculty of Law. He has served on several youth organizations over the years and done commendable work in the Caribbean region in developing youth leadership and engagement in health and general advocacy on youth matters. He aspires to be an international human rights attorney but remains open to where life may take him.